Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd. to increase production at both the Blanca and Malu veins.

Arequipa, Peru, April 19, 2013  – Gold Horizons Mining (G.H.M) a B.V.I Corporation (ticker: GHMG on GXG markets) in conjunction with its joint venture partner is preparing the Blanca and Malu veins for increased production and exploration work. CEO and President Scott Francis explains: “The past 6 months have seen us working diligently to complete our processing plant which is scheduled to start producing up to 50 tons per day come June 1st, 2013. In anticipation of this increased processing capacity we are developing a comprehensive mining plan for the Malu/ Blanca vein. This includes topographical mapping of the veins, systematic sampling along the vein, widening the existing tunnel to allow for mining equipment such as scoops, Eimco mucking machines and ventilation equipment to be installed. With the topographical survey just completed we can now determine where our chimneys will be located as we tunnel from the Blanca vein to intersect the Malu vein approximately 200 meters away.  Past assays report the Malu vein to be one of the richest veins at the Gloria concession. Up until now the mineral extracted from Malu was surface ore and it is our belief that intersecting this vein at a much deeper level will provide us with a significant higher grams per ton rate than we have seen to date. Overall, I am excited with the steps we are taking to increase daily production. Mining is expensive and we have at least 6 other veins we want to be developing and with increased revenues to come from our self processing of 50 tons per day we will reinvest to continue to increase monthly production.”

Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd is a start up gold and silver producer.  The Company is committed to building long-term shareholder value through strategic opportunity and identification in the mineral resource sector.  The Company specializes in small mine development, specifically underground, narrow vein gold mining.  The Company, in partnership with its Peruvian joint venture partner, locates, develops, and operates near production ready mineral projects in Southern, Peru.