Progress Report

  • November, December and January
  • February, March and April
  • May, June and July
    • Mining begins at Tableada blanca and malu veins
    • Processing Plant Equipment Being Constructed And Purchased
    • Road Into The Mine Being Improved To Allow For A 20 Ton Truck To Access The Mine
    • 1st Mineral From Blanca Vein Being Loaded Into 20 Ton Truck For Off Site Processing
    • CEO / President And His Family Visiting The Mine

    D 6 Caterpillar contracted to improve and develop the roads at the Gloria Mine.

    A D – 6 Caterpillar was contracted to improve the 25 kilometer access road into the Gloria Mine. The dirt road into the mine took approximately 2 hours travel time, by car to reach the mine. After the improvements were finished travel time to mine was cut by 40 minutes and the road was much safer to travel.

    Additionally we built several kilometers of new roads providing us access to the Julia, Blanca, Tableada, and Malu veins. Due to the extreme mountainous terrain, steep and littered with boulders, the work was slow going and the bulldozer required several repairs. During the road construction we discovered several new veins which we are anxious to explore.