Gifted Shares

The CEO, President and Majority Shareholder of the Company has agreed to the Gifting of Shares to each qualifying shareholder of record by the record date July 17, 2012. The term qualifying shareholder defined here for the purpose of this gift is a shareholder who does not hold a control position of 5% or more in the Company (Gold Horizon Mining Company). Furthermore a professional or a vendor who has been compensated in the form of shares is not considered a Qualifying Shareholder. This Gift is a personal gift from the Majority Shareholder and cannot be construed as an offering from the Company, its treasury or authorized shares still not issued.

Each qualifying shareholder of record as the record date July 17, 2012 will receive one new share of Gold Horizon Mining Company for every one share held. There is no restriction on the shares. There are no conditions placed on the gifted shares. The Gifted Shares will rank pari passu in all respects with the existing shares. In lieu of the fact this is a direct transfer of existing shares between a shareholder of Gold Horizon Mining Company and the shareholders of the Company, the Gifted Shares will not result in any dilution of value.

New shares will be dispatched in a time frame that is practicable. The transfer agent of the Company Gold Horizon Mining Company is being notified of the Gifted Shares and will register the gifted shares to the respective qualifying shareholder. The current certificate will then represent the new amount. Once is practicable the Company will instruct the Transfer Agent to issue new share certificates reflecting the new holding, certificate number and the old shares will be retired. Each shareholder will receive a new certificate number.

A circular containing, inter alia details of the Gifted Shares will be dispatched to each qualifying shareholder as soon as is practicable. Furthermore a digital message will be dispatched to each qualifying shareholder with all the relevant personal details in this matter.

At this juncture it is important that all shareholders forward their contact details including address, contact telephone number and email to Gold Horizon Mining Company at: for a complete update.